Fee Schedule

Account Fees
Overdraft (NSF Fee)$25.00/item
Returned Item Fee$25.00/item
Postdated Item Request$25.00/request
Stop Payments$25.00/item
Paper Statement$1.00/statement
Account Services
Account Reconciliation$25.00/hour
Account Research$25.00/hour
Excessive Inquiry$1.50/Inquiry after 5 in a 30 day period
Transfer Funds
Automatic Transfer$5.00/transfer
Wire Transfer$25.00/transfer
Statement Copy$2.00/copy
Check Copy$2.00/copy
Check PrintingVaries with style
Counter Checks$4.00/4 checks
Check Cashing*$5.00/per transaction
Cashier Check$2.00/check when payable to payee other than you
Money Order$1.00/item
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
Returned Loan Payment$25.00/item
Inactive Account Fee$5.00/quarterly
Address Correction$5.00/per occurance
Garnishment Fee$35.00/transaction
Foreign Check Fee$15.00/item (may take 5-30 days to post)
Coin Processing5% or $5.00 min. (whichever is greater) after first 3 rolls
*The five dollar check cashing fee applies to the following:
1. An adult member with only membership shares and who doesn't have enough funds to cover the check
2. A non-member
Debit Card (Plastic) Fees
Replacement Cards$2.00/card
Replacement PIN$2.00/occurrence
Overdraft Fees$25.00/item
Lost/Stolen Reporting$8.00/occurrence
Photocopies/Records Search$25.00/hour
Lost/Stolen Plastics$6.00/card
Holy Family ATM WithdrawalFree
Most US Bank/Numerica ATM Withdrawal
Charge Backs$15.00/item