Why should you join the Amicus family?

Amicus Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution which is owned and controlled by its members and ran by a volunteer board of directors. Our doors were originally opened for the St. Patrick’s Parish. Although no longer named Spokane Catholic, Amicus is still very much Catholic based and organized.

Credit Unions were developed with the logo “People Helping People”. Amicus, in keeping with this tradition, is hosting Dave Ramsey classes to help people in the community learn how to become debt free and build wealth. We are a credit union devoted to educating our community and creating financial peace.

Our Mission: To better our community one relationship at a time.

Our History

  • 1964: Founded for the parishioners at St. Patrick’s
  • 1966: Name changed to Spokane Catholic Credit Union and opened membership to what it is today
  • 1977: Moved from the dining room of the founder’s home to the basement at 111 E. Central
  • 1988: Moved from the basement to the main floor as well as introducing checking accounts and other services
  • 2005: Moved to the current location at 6103 N. Astor
  • 2007: Changed the name to Amicus (which is Latin for “friend”) making Amicus “Your Financial Friend”
  • Current: We keep growing, but we’re still your Catholic Credit Union and we want to invite YOU to grow along with us!

Who is eligible?

  • Catholics and Family Members of Catholics within the  Diocese of Spokane
  • Employees and Family Members of Employees working for one of the many  Catholic Organizations in Spokane
  • Employees and Family Members of Employees working for Providence Hospitals
  • Employees and Family Members of Employees working at Franklin Park Mall (not including Rite Aid)
  • Employees and Family Members of Employees working for Hearth & Home Technologies
  • Employees and Family Members of Employees working for CU*Northwest

Children’s Miracle Network

Amicus is a big supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network. Through our special deals and incentives, we’ve raised over $10,000 to help children in need. The money that we raise at Amicus goes to help our own local children’s hospitals be able to save the lives of the most precious gifts we receive. Through a small donation, we can all help save lives.

A $25 donation decrease your new loan rate by .25%* APR. Just like your donation it is a small amount, but it will build up over time to be something great!
(*New money only, certain terms and conditions apply, APR = Annual Percentage Rate)