What is Phishing?

It is a way which scammers try to get your personal information i.e.: passwords, usernames or credit card info via email or phone.

What do phishing emails look like?

They are often poorly spelled claiming to be from a credible company or even containing a link which looks credible to a company site.

Phishing is also done over the phone!

A person claiming to be with a reliable company may call and ask you to verify sensitive information about yourself.

How do you protect yourself?

NEVER GIVE YOUR INFORMATION. Call your own institution, but NEVER call the number the scammers provide.

DO NOT open emails from unknown senders. They may contain malicious software that can be used to hack into your information or give your computer a virus just by opening the email itself.

Unfortunately, criminals are all around us. Your best bet in the fight against fraud is to scrutinize everything you receive. Never be afraid to question something that doesn’t look or sound right.  Your real institutions will be happy to explain anything they send to you.