Important Member Announcement

The elected Board of Directors at Amicus Federal Credit Union, have some very exciting news to announce! For the past several months, we have been evaluating and discussing the possibility of strategically joining forces with another local credit union in Spokane, WA. After careful research and consideration, we are in unanimous support of partnering with Horizon Credit Union, headquartered in Spokane, WA. Amicus and Horizon have a lot in common, particularly a shared passion for serving our members at the highest possible level.

It is important to remember that this proposed merger is not a takeover in any way. It is truly a unique opportunity for us to partner with another credit union that holds parallel values and goals to those of our own. This merger will strengthen the financial position of the credit union and ensure long-term sustainability, helping us to compete with larger credit unions, banks, and other financial organizations. The local, personal service that you have become accustom to will not change. All existing staff members will remain employees of Horizon.

As with all mergers, some changes are to be expected, but we believe that the impact on individual members will be very positive. We have listened to your request for enhanced products and services, as well as added convenience. This merger allows us to better serve your financial needs and will result in a direct financial benefit to the membership. Our current mix of products and services will be greatly expanded to include options such as new home loan options with 24-hour lending support, enhanced debit cards, mobile banking with remote deposits, and more.

Your Board of Directors is very excited about this merger proposal. We have spent a great deal of time evaluating this opportunity and strongly feel that it will provide greater value to your membership. This potential merger can only happen if our members vote in favor of it, so we hope that we can count on your support to move forward. We will keep you updated as we move forward with this proposal and will be happy to answer any questions that might arise. After we obtain preliminary approval from the State of Washington, you will receive notification of a membership meeting, where a more detailed discussion of the merger proposal will take place, followed by a membership vote.

Below you will find the appropriate contact information should you have any questions or concerns regarding our proposed merger with Horizon Credit Union. We have also included a FAQ to answer some potential questions that you may have. Thank you for your continued loyalty; we look forward to growing with you.


Contact Information:

(509) 483-3221


Amicus Board of Directors


We are excited to announce a larger ATM network for our members to utilize. Since last March, when an ATM network closed its doors, we have been diligently searching for a new surcharge free ATM Network for you to use.  We are honored to announce you can now use your debit cards at CO-OP ATMS.  How do you find a surcharge free CO-OP ATM?  The same way you find a shared branching location.  By visiting:

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